Student Assesment

To measure whether students have mastered systematic competences that have been specified in the curriculum, they are evaluated by the Program periodically. The evaluation is conducted in the end of second year study, in the end of the fourth year study, and in the final examination to get bachelor degree (Appendix 9). The students must have Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4 semesters (at least 30 credits had been taken by the student) equal to or greater than 2.0, without E grade. Similarly, in their fourth year study, the student must have GPA of 8 semesters (at least 80 credits had been taken) equal to or greater than 2.0, without E grade and less than 25% D grade. Failure to fulfill the requirements leads them to dropout.

Undergraduate thesis examination is conducted to decide whether the student is eligible for holding the undergraduate degree. The examination must be done within 8 years. Otherwise, the student is not eligible for the degree. A total of 144 credits must be collected by the student with less than 25% D grade and no E grade.