Student Admission

System for recruitment and selection of prospective students at the department of Agro-industrial Technology are conducted by implementing the system and regulation made by Universitas Gadjah Mada. Basically, it consists of two typical patterns of recruitment and selection, i.e. UM-UGM (UGM self-managed Selection System, which can be accessed here and SNMPTN (Invited Senior High School Best Student) and SBMPTN (Joint State-University Selection Systems).

UM-UGM selection system consists of UTUL UM-UGM (Written based UM-UGM) which is mainly focused on candidate’s cognitive and potentials, PBUD and PBUPD (Regionally Excellent Candidate based Selection System), PBS (Scholastic based Selection System), and PBUTM (Poor Excellent Candidate Selection System). The prospective students who are allowed to take entrance test are limited to final-year senior high school students who have natural science based educational backgrounds (IPA) with the cognitive scores of all subjects taken throughout the semesters of above the minimum standard for learning completion (SKBM). The potential candidates must also be among the top 40% of the best students and proposed by their respective schools or sponsors.