Department of Agro-industrial Technology UGM offers Student Exchange Program 2017 for the potential undergraduate students. There are 6 universities from 3 ASEAN countries that has been set as the destination location, listed as follow:

(1) Kasetsart University Thailand for 2 – 4 students
(2) De La Salle Aranetta University Philippines for 2 – 4 students
(3) Naresuan University Thailand for 2 students
(4) Vietnam National University for 2 – 4 students
(5) Khon Kaen University Thailand for 2 – 4 students

The deadline for complete submissions until May 31, 2017 (before 3 PM). Students who are interested can apply to secretariat office at Departement of Agro-industrial Technology by bringing documents below:

    1. Academic Transcript
    2. Curriculum Vitae
    3. TOEFL/ IELTS certification, or other related documents stated the English  proficiency levels
    4. Certificate which states the active involvement in organization (optional)
    5. Motivation Letter
    6. Statement Letter of the ability to meet the administrative requirements known by parents / guardians (download form here), or can be followed after passed the selection process.

Further information can be obtained through the Coordinator of Development and Cooperation, Departement of Agro-industrial Technology UGM.