Competencies of TIP graduates

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HIMATIPA held a talk show program on May 8, 2014 with a theme of “TIP Competency”. The objective was to gain insight about the job prospects of TIP alumni in the future. The speaker was Ms. Wida, alumni 2007 – an employe at PT Bentoel and Mr. Iqbal, alumni 2005,  an entrepreneur – the owner of Kiken Soup. As the representative from TIP Department was the Department Secretary – Mr. Henry Yuliando. Many questions from participants were discussed among the speakers. The interesting issues including teaching methods, facilities, and the other things. This event has gave a better understanding for TIP students about its competencies. In addition, tips and strategies  how to survive and finish the study successfully also explained well in the event. From the testimony of the invited alumni, it could be understood how TIP competencies could significantly influence the working skill. Even, most of knowledge gained during study in TIP are also applicable to be implemented in the non agro-industrial sectors.

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